Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Where's the Dragon?

We brought this book home from the library two weeks ago and right away I decided that it would need to be added to the ever present list of books-to-own. The book's biggest appeal is the unique embossed cover and pages. The illustrations are captivating and the touch-and-feel effect provides a complete sensory experience.
 The story is of a young boy who after listening to his grandfather's tales of a dragon living in the mountains, decides that they need to embark on a dragon-hunting expedition of their own. The reader is led along on this wild chase all the while being entranced with the eyes and faces of dragons in unexpected places. The grandfather does not see what the boy and the reader can see and the story is made more humorous and adventurous because of it. The book ends by asking the reader how many hidden dragons were found. A clue to the answer is given which sends the reader on his own hunting game. The embossed dragons of all shapes and faces make this book friendly and memorable. Written and illustrated by Jason Hook and Richard Hook.

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